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All cutting tools

Picking the right cutting tools for the material you are using will prolong the life of your equipment as well as keeping you safer.   The right tool will help you achieve more precise cuts while making it less likely that you'll shatter your materials and create dangerous flying chips - and your cutting blades will remain sharper for longer. 

We source tools from several specialist makers, and all of our hammers and hardies come from world-renowned Giacomello of Spilimbergo.  If you haven't used a hammer and hardie before, you can see a demonstration here.

We're also now offering a chopping machine which can be used on stone, smalti and hard ceramics.  You can see it in action in this YouTube video.

If you're new to mosaic, click through using the buttons below to see which tools are best suited to each material.  If you're looking for something that 'does it all', the closest you will come is the Seabell MaxPro Compound nippers (see below) which are designed to cut glass and ceramic ... but if you are doing a lot of mosaic it really is worth getting a range of tools as you will find that they have different strengths and you can cut for longer if you are able to swap tools once in a while.  
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