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Samples and matching service

Can I get samples?
We are happy to send out samples.   Within reasonable limits this service will be free, but if you want large quantities of tiles we will have to charge.  Please use the form below to submit your request, or email directly:  victoria@

We sell sample boards for the Winckelmans and Cinca ranges  of ceramic tiles.  Visit our ceramic tiles pages to order one.   If  sample boards are out of stock, please email us using the form below and we'll get them out to you as soon as we can. 

Can I get more of the same colour?
If you've bought tiles from Mosaic Workshop in the last few years and are trying to buy more of the same but can't remember the codes, email me ( and I should be able to find a record of your past orders.   
If you would like to match a tile you bought elsewhere, please send it in and I will do my best to help.  Where an exact match is not available, I'll suggest alternatives.   If you want your tile returned, please include an SAE.  The address: Mosaic Workshop, Orchard Grange, Old Warden, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 9HB

Confused by code names?
I have recently overhauled our stock numbers.  This has been done not to confuse and irritate you, but to make the system simpler; the initial letter of each code now refers to the maker, so C tiles are from Cinca, B tiles from Bisazza etc.  The final 3 figures usually relate directly to the  numbers used by the tile suppliers.

Product listings show  the new stock number for each product, plus details of the various  names each tile has gone by over the years (at MW and elsewhere).  You can find this information in the 'ALSO KNOWN AS' area on each tile listing.   

If you have a note of an old code name or stock number, you can search for it using the magnifying-glass search bar at the top right of our home page.  If we have a record of that number, your search will bring up the matching tile with its new stock number as the first result displayed.  Other results are near matches.   If we don't have an exact match, you'll simply be looking at a list of near misses... sorry about that!

If this doesn't work for you, you can click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with the new stock numbers and, alongside them, a note of all other stock numbers and names that tile has been known by, here and elsewhere.  You can use the search function on the spreadsheet (usually another magnifying glass at the top right) to search.

If you're left befuddled by all this, do please email or telephone for help. 

Sample request form

Thanks for your sample request

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