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Welcome to Mosaic Workshop where we aim to offer the widest choice of fine materials, tools and supplies to mosaicists in the UK. The company was established in London in 1988 by Emma Biggs and Tessa Hunkin who brought unrivalled expertise to the new business thanks to their many collaborations on major mosaic commissions and  to their numerous jointly-authored books (Mosaic Workshop, 1999, and Garden Mosaics, 2009, among others). 

Initially, Mosaic Workshop occupied a shop off the Holloway Road with a studio space behind, but as it expanded it moved south to larger premises in West Norwood where it remained until 2022 under the ownership of Emma and Tessa's business partner, James Postgate.  James greatly increased the stock on offer, importing exciting new tiles from Mexico, Portugal and China and earning the loyalty of so many customers with his generous advice and technical help.   In 2022, the business faced homelessness when its lease came to an unexpected end.   I was lucky enough to be able to take things over, and in April 2022 Mosaic Workshop moved to the country.  Although we no longer have a physical shop, online sales go from strength to strength and I'm committed to continuing the wonderful service that Mosaic Workshop has always offered to professional and hobby mosaicists.  Thanks for supporting Mosaic Workshop!

Very best wishes,

Victoria Diggle

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