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Seabell ceramic nippers - curved jaws

Seabell ceramic nippers - curved jaws


An excellent pair of tile nippers with curved tungsten carbide tips


    These curved-jawed nippers (also known as side-biters) come from Seabell, maker of many of our most popular cutting tools. The curved blades have tungsten carbide tips and should be used to cut tiles and natural stone up to 7mm thick.  The curve of the blades focuses the energy of your cut onto the smallest possible area of your tile, with the result that it takes less force to snap the tile than with conventional nippers.   Tiles should be inserted right in between the blades prior to cutting (unlike with straight-bladed nippers, where only the very edge of the tile is put between the jaws).  Both styles of cutting have their fans; some people prefer the conventional nippers as its easier to see exactly where the force will be delivered to the tile, but some prefer these as they are slightly easier on the wrists.  Frankly, both are excellent!

    This style of nipper is great for unglazed ceramic and thin marble and have super-comfortable handles and a sturdy volute spring.  These are not for use with glass as they can crush vitreous materials causing splinters; use wheeled cutters for glass and smalti.



    Unfortunately Mosaic Workshop can't accept returns of cutting tools which turn out not to suit you, so please think carefully before buying.  If you are finding it very hard to make a decision please contact me as I may be able to lend you tools to try (you will pay a deposit, and for postage in both directions).  In the case of faulty goods we will, of course, accept returns - please see notes in the website footer. 

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