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Professional score and snap nippers

Professional score and snap nippers


A great pair of score-and-snaps from Vitrex

Only 4 left in stock

    These nippers are designed to help you achieve accurate cuts on stained glass and ceramic.   They are ideal for use when working with large pieces of porcelain or glass, but can also be used on small tiles (particularly if you need a break from your usual nippers, as the action feels quite different). These nippers are made by Vitrex from drop-forged steel and have a tungsten-carbide scoring wheel. The jaws are offset by 1.5mm to ensure you get the most cutting power from the force you exert on the handles. The handles themselves are shaped for comfort in your hand. Cutting is a two-stage process; use the scoring wheel at the front of the tool to mark out your intended cutting need to press down quite hard.  Once you've done this, transfer the tile to the jaws of the tool, keeping the scored line in the centre, and press down until a fracture occurs along your intended line.  Don't worry if you can't see a line where you have scored - it may be invisible to the eye, but it will almost always be enough to ensure that the fracture happens in the right place. 


    Unfortunately Mosaic Workshop can't accept returns of cutting tools which turn out not to suit you, so please think carefully before buying.  If you are finding it very hard to make a decision please contact me as I may be able to lend you tools to try (you will pay a deposit, and for postage in both directions).  In the case of faulty goods we will, of course, accept returns - please see notes in the website footer. 

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