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Seabell wheeled glass cutters

Seabell wheeled glass cutters


Highly recommended wheeled cutters

Only 5 left in stock

    These are expensive but they are worth every penny, being lighter and stronger than other models.  The Japanese-designed body is made from lightweight and durable aluminium alloy (they weigh 240g as opposed to the Leponitts at 310g).  The double-bevelled wheels are titanium coated tungsten carbide.  Numbers on the wheels allow you to keep track of how many times you've rotated them to expose a new cutting edge.  An Allen key is screwed into a special niche on to the underside of the cutters, so you will never find yourself unable to change blades. A really significant improvement on other wheeled cutters is the addition of the green rubber washers behind each wheel.  As you perform your cut, the tessera you want to keep is held in one hand and these rubber bits catch and hold the remaining waste part of your tile - with most wheeled cutters, this simply drops onto your work surface in an uncontrolled way.  The green washers mean that you can drop any left-over tile pieces into a heap, or into a container.  Much tidier and minimises splinters in your work area.  Another useful feature which none of our other glass cutters have is the little dial on the head (labelled 0,1,2); this allows you to set the cutters for different depths of tiles, saving you from exerting more pressure than is necessary.  The volute spring between the arms which returns the cutters to an open position is stronger and better affixed than the standard springs found on most other glass cutters.   I love my Leponitts, but I think these nudge them off the top spot. Highly recommended!

    There is a helpful YouTube video from Treasury Road in Australia with demonstrations and reviews of most of the Seabell tools.  The section on these wheeled cutters is at about 1 minute, 45 seconds.  Click here to watch.



    Unfortunately Mosaic Workshop can't accept returns of cutting tools which turn out not to suit you, so please think carefully before buying.  If you are finding it very hard to make a decision please contact me as I may be able to lend you tools to try (you will pay a deposit, and for postage in both directions).  In the case of faulty goods we will, of course, accept returns - please see notes in the website footer. 

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