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Leponitt wheeled glass cutters

Leponitt wheeled glass cutters


The gold standard wheeled glass cutters, excellent for precise cutting


    Widely regarded as the best glass cutters available (but see what I think is a new contender for the top slot, the Seabell wheeled glass cutters), Leponitts are light (310g) and super-strong. The wheels are made of tungsten carbide and are double bevelled, so that the smallest possible area - and thus the greatest possible force - is exerted exactly where you direct it. The makers say that each set of wheels will last for 300 hours’ cutting. Once you feel that the cutters are getting slightly blunt, use the Allen key provided to loosen the wheels and rotate them a few degrees, putting a new part of the cutting blade into action. You can mark the wheels to help you keep track of which parts have been used. Once your wheels have done a full circle, you can replace them with one of our sets of new wheels. Don't use these to cut ceramic or anything tougher; they will probably work, but you will end up with blunt blades very quickly.


    Unfortunately Mosaic Workshop can't accept returns of cutting tools which turn out not to suit you, so please think carefully before buying.  If you are finding it very hard to make a decision please contact me as I may be able to lend you tools to try (you will pay a deposit, and for postage in both directions).  In the case of faulty goods we will, of course, accept returns - please see notes in the website footer. 

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