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Ceramic tiles from Cinca of Portugal

±24mm x 24mm x 3.5mm

Cinca, or the Companhia Industrial Ceramica, was founded in the medieval city of Santa Maria da Feira nearly 60 years ago.   It still has its headquarters on the small town's main street, although its operations have grown enormously.  Cinca tiles are extremely durable and suitable for use indoors and outdoors and for floors as well as walls.  They have a natural UVA resistance, which means that their colour will not alter over time, and they are also very stain-resistant.  Although different sizes, tiles from our two ceramic suppliers, Winckelmans and Cinca, can be used together as they are the same thickness.  The tiles are the same colour the whole way through, so that cut edges will not disrupt your design.  Sadly, Cinca no longer produces any speckled tiles.

Tile size:  ±24mm x 24mm x 3.5mm - this is the published depth; they do sometimes vary slightly
Full sheet: 350mm x 350mm,  196 tiles
Part sheet: 175mm x 175mm, 49 tiles
Sheet coverage: 8.2 sheets per metre² (and allow extra for wastage)
Mounting: mounted on paper (both sides of the tiles are smooth)
If you'd like to see technical data sheets for these tiles,  please click here.
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