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Cinca C347 Bay blue

Cinca C347 Bay blue

PriceFrom £4.50

The darkest of the blues in this range


    Bay Blue is a beautiful midnight hue. It is very slightly darker and cooler than E032 Winckelmans Blue Moon but batches do vary. Cinca tiles are smooth on both sides. Individual tiles measure ±24 x 24 x 3.5mm. They come face-mounted on paper sheets of 196 tiles which measure 350 x 350mm. Soak them in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, then remove the backing paper and leave the tiles to air dry or rub them dry with an old towel. Cinca tiles cut easily with tile nippers. They are brilliantly versatile, being suitable for interior or exterior surfaces, vertical or horizontal. They are frost- and UV-resistant, so should fare well in all conditions. As always, if using on exterior floors you should ensure that you use in small quantities and combine with other materials in order to ensure sufficient slip resistance.


    If you're trying to match a colour, you may find it useful to know codes/names under which this tile has previously been sold by Mosaic Workshop and other retailers:


    Dark bay blue

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    Please note that in order to save on postage costs I will often cut a sheet of tiles in half so that it fits in a smaller parcel. If it’s important to you to receive your sheets whole, please let me know. NB that this only really applies to small orders. If you order more than four or five sheets, they will almost always arrive whole.
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