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Stained glass tiles

The richness and beauty of these stained glass tiles will add drama and depth to any mosaic project. Individual tiles are hand-cut from high-quality stained glass which is made using a high proportion of recycled window glass.  The nature of the production process, where mineral oxides are mixed with the liquid glass, means that there are significant variations in colour between batches and even on single sheets and very occasionally a tile will have a small transparent area, so bear this in mind when choosing adhesive.  

Stained glass tiles can be mixed with other glass and even with ceramics but, being slightly thinner than standard tiles, you will need to adjust the depth of your adhesive if you want to achieve a completely flat finish.

Tile size:  20mm x 20mm x ±2.5mm
Full sheet: 108mm x 108mm,  25 tiles
Sheet coverage: 86 sheets per metre²
Mounting:  The majority are mounted on clear film which can easily be peeled off.  A very few are on nylon mesh which is also easily removed. All stained glass is smooth on both sides and has sharp edges - not suitable for use by children
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