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Smalti from Orsoni of Venice

In the back streets of Venice, about as far as you can get from the tourist hotspots, is the Orsoni factory.  The furnace here has burned almost without pause since 1888 when Murano-born mosaicist  Angelo Orsoni took over a small glass factory.   Five generations of his family later and Orsoni's is the last remaining working furnace in Venice.  Today the company produces smalti in 3,500 shades which cover the walls of many architectural landmarks including Sacre Coeur in Paris, Saint Paul's Cathedral in London and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  Mosaic Workshop stocks nearly 90 Orsoni colours.

These s
malti are sold in 100g bags which contain approximately 35 pieces. 
Size: Individual smalti are cut by hand so measurements are not precise.  Each smalto measures approximately 17mm x 10mm x 7mm

Coverage: 100g of smalti should cover an 8cm x 8cm square, 500g should cover an 18cm x 18cm square, and a kilogram should cover a 25cm x 25cm square.
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