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Glassmaking in the heart of Venice

A behind-the-scenes visit to the Orsoni furnace in Venice, where you'll see the skill, craftsmanship - and physical stamina - needed to produce perfect smalti.  The film also drops in on other Venetian glassmakers, working hard in  often difficult circumstances to keep their crafts alive.  

Industrial-scale production of glass tiles

And an interesting contrast... See how glass tiles are made on an industrial scale at Oceanside Glass and Tile in California.  Lots of the same skill, but more mechanisation and a bit less charm. 

100 years of savoir faire at the Winckelmans factory in Lille

A quick visit to Winckelmans factory in northern France.  They've produced tiles for five generations on this site, using the same formulae and raw ingredients.  You'll see that many processes are still done by hand,  but it's also clear that they've embraced some amazing new technology.

Making millefiori

The film quality is a bit grainy in this 3-minute short from the Corning Museum of Glass, but it's mesmerising watching the different layers of the murrine building up.  
Making millefiori
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