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Winckelmans E201 Bretagne grey speckle

Winckelmans E201 Bretagne grey speckle

PriceFrom £4.00

An unusual effect with a grey ground and bi-coloured speckles


    A really distinctive tile from Winckelmans with a slightly mushroomy mid-grey ground colour which is extensively mottled with lighter and darker speckles. These speckled tiles are hard to get hold of so if you have a large area to cover try and order enough in one go. Individual tiles measure ±20 x 20 x 3.5mm. They are usually smooth on the top side and have a series of small indentations on the under side. They come face-mounted on paper sheets which measure 305 x 305mm. There are 196 tiles per sheet and 49 tiles per part sheet. Very occasionally the tiles come mounted on mesh if paper-faced ones are unavailable, in which case they can be peeled off the backing by hand. Paper-mounted tiles should be soaked in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, then removed and left to air dry or rubbed dry with an old towel. Winckelmans tiles cut beautifully with tile nippers or with our new wheeled porcelain cutters. They are extremely versatile and can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces both indoors and out. They are super-tough, being both frost- and UV-resistant. If you are using outside, you must use in small quantities or mixed with other materials so that your floor has sufficient slip resistance.


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    Please note that in order to save on postage costs I will often cut a sheet of tiles in half so that it fits in a smaller parcel. If it’s important to you to receive your sheets whole, please let me know. NB that this only really applies to small orders. If you order more than four or five sheets, they will almost always arrive whole.
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