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Vintage smalti - Light grey mix, 500g

Vintage smalti - Light grey mix, 500g


An excellent range of useful greys


    From the studios of not one but two great Scottish mosaicists; once owned by George Garson, these smalti were then passed on to his student, Dugald MacInnes.  Dugald works principally in slate and naturally occuring materials and has released these smalti to us. The smalti probably date from the 1970s when George Garson taught at Glasgow School of Art and were almost certainly bought direct from Orsoni in Venice. They are more varied in shape and size than the smalti sold today with an average piece measuring perhaps 14 x 10 x 5mm. But what makes them so distinctive and characterful is the colour mixes devised by George Garson - rich umbers, misty blues, mahogany tones are all absolutely beautiful and evocative of a particular time.


    Please remember that these smalti are at least 60 years old.  They are thoroughly robust and will cut just as beautifully as any modern smalti, but you will find that their size and shape is not as consistent as that of newly-made pieces.   I have washed all of these, but you may find that they will benefit from a further soak and gentle scrub before use.

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