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Vintage smalti - Light blue mix, 500g

Vintage smalti - Light blue mix, 500g


Delicate light blues with some gentle greys and brighter blues giving interesting variation to this mix



    These were part of the Mosaic Workshop stock when I took over the business.  I'm not sure about their provenance, but they were listed as coming from Donà of Spilimbergo and there doesn't seem any reason to doubt that.  There is quite a quantity of this smalti available, so it is a good economical choice if you have a large area to cover. 


    Please remember that these smalti are probably quite old and are not made to the same standards of uniformity as today's smalti.  They are thoroughly robust and will cut just as beautifully as any modern smalti, but you will find that their size and shape is not as consistent as that of newly-made pieces.   I have washed all of these, but you may find that they will benefit from a further soak and gentle scrub before use.

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