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Unframed tile-backer board 250 x 350mm

Unframed tile-backer board 250 x 350mm


A base made of super-tough (but light) tile-backer board

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    New to Mosaic Workshop; a mosaic base made from tile-backer board. This product was developed for use in bathrooms and consists of a layer of extruded polystyrene foam sandwiched between thin layers of cement. You might have come across it before if you have ever put in a large shower or wet room. It is 100% waterproof and, although very light, can also bear considerable weight. For the mosaicist, further benefits are the fact that you can cut it with a Stanley knife (use a metal ruler and make several light passes of the knife, rather than trying to cut through in a single go. Wear a mask). Once your project is complete, you can hide the edges by spreading a thin layer of grout along them, or adding an edging strip of your choice. You can use normal galvanized fixings on these boards as they are made entirely of waterproof materials and won’t suffer if water gets in to them.

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