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Titebond II

Titebond II


A brilliant all-round glue, endlessly useful for mosaic (as well as around the house)


    Titebond II is called ‘Premium Wood Glue’ but is great on all surfaces and provides a strong initial tack, fast speed of set and superior strength. Moreover, you can clean your brushes in water. Titebond II and other glues in the Titebond range are the only adhesives from a leading brand to have passed the American standard ANSI Type II water-resistance specification. If you’re a glue geek, read on: ANSI Type II testing is a soak test which involves cutting blocks made up of glued sections of wood into 50 x 125mm pieces. These are then soaked in water for 4 hours, and then baked in a 120°F oven for 19 hours. This is repeated for a total of three cycles, and the bonds must not de-laminate to pass the Type II specification. Phew!

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