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Stained glass G122 Midnight, 25 tiles

Stained glass G122 Midnight, 25 tiles


The darkest glossiest midnight blue


    The richness and beauty of these stained glass tiles will add drama and depth to any mosaic project. Individual tiles are hand-cut from high-quality stained glass made using recycled window glass. There are significant variations in colour between batches and sometimes even on single sheets. Each tile measures ±20 x 20 x 3mm and tiles are supplied on small sheets of 25 tiles, with each sheet measuring approximately 107 x 107mm. You would need 86 part sheets to cover 1m². Sheets are backed with a clear film which is easy to peel off. Tiles cut easily with wheeled cutters. Please note that these tiles are not quite as thick as our ceramic or vitreous glass tiles; you can easily combine the two, but you will need to adjust the depth of your adhesive if you are working in the direct method and want a smooth surface. These stained glass tiles are UVA and frost-resistant and can therefore be used with care outdoors, but should not be used on any horizontal surfaces because of slip hazard. Please be careful when you handle these tiles; the edges are unfinished cut glass and are sharp. These tiles are not suitable for use with children.

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