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FOR FLOORS: Bisazza rippled real gold 20 x 20mm

FOR FLOORS: Bisazza rippled real gold 20 x 20mm

PriceFrom £12.00

A high quality toughened gold tile for use on floors


    With a specially toughened upper layer of glass covering the real gold leaf, this 20 x 20mm tile will withstand the rigours of foot traffic.  Bisazza's gold tiles are machine made, and are therefore a true 20 x 20mm square unlike our hand-cut Orsoni gold tiles.  Additionally, each tile is 4mm thick like our other glass tiles, which means that you can achieve a flat finish to your mosaic pieces.  The tiles have a thin mesh net on the back which can be removed by hand with the help of some hot water. Wheeled cutters are the best tool for cutting glass (as opposed to standard nippers), and you will find that Bisazza tiles cut precisely and without producing excessive wastage; this is due to the long cooling period they undergo at the end of manufacture, which creates a consistent interior structure with none of the internal stresses or flaws that can lead cheaper tiles to shatter more easily

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