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Random mix smalti, 1kg or 500g

Random mix smalti, 1kg or 500g

PriceFrom £22.00

Smalti of incomparable quality and beauty made in historic furnaces in Italy


    This 1kg bag of Italian smalti will contain approximately 360 pieces. This, allowing for a bit of wastage, will cover an area of 25 x 25cm. The pieces are hand-cut and therefore quite variable in shape but generally they are about 18mm long, 10mm wide and 7mm deep. Smalti can be used whole but if you want to cut them we recommend either Leponitt double wheeled glass mosaic cutters or a hammer and hardie; both of these cut cleanly and accurately and keep waste to a minimum - very important given the cost of the material.
Smalti are usually left un-grouted which works well if the gap between the pieces is minimal, giving the impression of a continuous flow of colour.  Smalti may be grouted but be careful because the uneven surface often has little holes made by air bubbles escaping during the cooling process and these can trap grout which is hard to remove and can make the finished piece look a bit spotty.

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