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Grout - ‘Smoke’ (silver-grey) colour, 1kg

Grout - ‘Smoke’ (silver-grey) colour, 1kg


Grout in a light silvery-grey colour - 1kg box

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    An excellent new grout from BAL, part of the Micromax 3 Eco range, this grout has been designed to be rapid-setting, rapid-hardening and highly flexible.  For use on walls and floors, both indoors and out.  This grout will be fine in dry or wet locations and has frost resistance down to -15°C .  It is suitable for projects with joints from 1mm to 30mm wide.  You can use it with almost any type of tile: ceramic, glass, limestone, marble, porcelain, slate and travertine.  Contains built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould. Micromax 3 Eco offers a good working time of 30 minutes and will set in 2 to 3 hours (at 20°C) – drying time may be longer in cold temperatures or when your substrate is non-porous. Mix up at a ratio of 5:1 powder to water (by weight).  Ensure that your adhesive is completely dry, then clean all surfaces and work only in dry conditions at above 5°C.  1kg of grout powder should cover an area of 0.75m² but results will depend on your tile sizes and depths. All the colours in the Micromax 3 range contain a minimum of 25% recycled materials – this is usually sand which is cleaned and reused.   The grout has a two-year shelf life, so don’t hang on to it for too long.

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