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Copper edging strip 15mm

Copper edging strip 15mm


Use this smart strip to give your completed projects a neat finish

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    15mm wide copper edging strip, sold by the linear metre. Supplied as a continuous length up to 5m.  A richly coloured flexible copper strip which can enhance your piece visually and give it a neat edge, hiding tile edges and adhesive.  This is strictly decorative and is not sturdy enough to provide a rigid edge such as for a table top or similar. The strip can be cut to your chosen length using a pair of metal snips or, if you don’t mind blunting them a little, a pair of scissors. Please note that, unlike our lead edging, this does not come with a self-adhesive backing. You can glue it in place (using a glue like Titebond Polyurethane which is specially for bonding different materials. Clamp the strip in place while the glue dries) or you can fix it in place with copper pins which can enhance the decorative finish. Only use outdoors if you have fixed very thoroughly and are prepared for the colour changes of inevitable oxidation.

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