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Brown paper

Brown paper


Good quality Kraft paper (90gsm) for indirect-method mosaics

Only 5 left in stock

    Good quality kraft paper, 90cm wide. Use this (matt or fluffy side up) when sticking tiles down in an indirect-method project. Put the tiles face down, sticking them in place with  PVA glue - remember to use the washable type. This paper is strong enough to hold the tiles well, but will also come away relatively easily once you have flipped your work over onto the adhesive in its final position. Simply use a sponge and a bit of warmish water to soften the PVA and remove the paper. Supplied in a continuous piece up to 5m. Paper will be folded for posting, but it will smooth out easily when you are ready to use it - a few creases will not make any difference to its useability.

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