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Bisazza B079 Rich orange

Bisazza B079 Rich orange

PriceFrom £6.50

Mid orange with nice marmaladey variations


    Individual tiles measure 20 x 20mm and are around 4mm deep (but ridges on the underside mean that this measurement is not exact). Tiles should be removed from their paper facing by soaking in warm water for 5 or 10 minutes. Wheeled cutters are the best tool for cutting glass (as opposed to standard nippers), and you will find that Bisazza tiles cut precisely and without producing excessive wastage; this is due to the long cooling period they undergo at the end of manufacture, which creates a consistent interior structure with none of the internal stresses or flaws that can lead cheaper tiles to shatter more easily. Bisazza tiles are suitable for indoor use on vertical surfaces. They can be used indoors on floors, but these must only have light foot traffic and glass tiles should be used in combination with ceramic or other tiles to give sufficient slip-resistance. Bisazza tiles can be used outdoors on vertical surfaces (with the appropriate adhesive), but should not be used on exterior floors. Please note that colour often varies quite considerably from batch to batch of glass tiles. If you are working on a large project, you should consider ordering sufficient tiles in one go.


    If you're trying to match a colour, you may find it useful to know codes/names under which this tile has previously been sold by Mosaic Workshop and other retailers:




    Use the search button at the top right of the home page to look for any numbers/names you're trying to match.


    Please note that in order to save on postage costs I will often cut a sheet of tiles in half so that it fits in a smaller parcel. If it’s important to you to receive your sheets whole, please let me know. NB that this only really applies to small orders. If you order more than four or five sheets, they will almost always arrive whole.

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