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Marble and natural stone

Our stone comes from quarries  used by the mosaicists of the classical world, as well as from newer sources in Asia and the Americas.   Most of our stone is available either as 2cm x 1cm x 1cm tesserae or in rods (listelli) which vary in length but are 2cm x 1cm in cross section.   Stone is most easily cut with a hammer and hardie or a chopping machine.  If you've got strong hands you can use nippers such as our MaxPro Compound nippers (tesserae are easier to get between the jaws than listelli). 

Some stone is by nature fragile and listelli may occasionally break while on their way to you.  Please click through to the product page for each item for information on postage, cutting and coverage.

If you need inspiration, have a look at our blog post on the amazing stone mosaics at Villa Kerylos on the Côte d'Azur.
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