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Glass tiles from Bisazza of Italy

Bisazza is internationally known for its spectacular range of glass tiles.  We usually hold a stock of more than 50 plain colours as well as 16 of the company's spectacular gold- and copper-flecked 'gemme'.​ Founded in Vicenza in 1956 by Renato Bisazza, the company has always produced tiles of the very highest quality in a range of intensely beautiful colours.  The past three decades have seen  Bisazza work in collaboration with numerous interior and product designers, pushing artistic boundaries to their limits and applying mosaic to more surfaces than you might think possible... visit the Fondazione Bisazza to see what they get up to. 

Tile size:  20mm x 20mm x ±3.5mm
Full sheet: 320mm x 320mm,  225 tiles
Part sheet: 150mm x 150mm, 49 tiles
Sheet coverage: 9.7 sheets per metre² 
(and allow extra for wastage)
Mounting: face-mounted on paper which must be soaked off.  Almost all have a smooth upper side and a lower side with indentations and a slight bevel
If you'd like to see technical data sheets for these tiles,  please click here.
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