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Vintage smalti

These are really interesting smalti which have arrived at Mosaic Workshop via various routes.  Some have been leftovers from major projects, others have come from artists' studios.  Their provenance means that they are not the uniform colours and sizes of modern smalti, but offer a mix of shades, some varied dimensions and a great deal of character.  Please read the descriptions and look carefully at the photographs to see exactly what you will be getting. 
GG pezzi in pots 2.jpg

Smalti from the studio of George Garson, via the studio of Dugald MacInnes

These smalti have a touch of mosaic stardust about them, having been owned by two of Scotland's most eminent mosaicists 
old blue mix 2.jpg

Light blue smalti from Donà of Spilimbergo

Light blue smalti with slight colour variations; a few bits are greyer and some a rather brighter blue 
vitreous and smalti blue mix.jpg

Vitreous glass and smalti in a vivid mix of blues with coloured highlights 

A great mix of vivid blue smalti with sky-blue vitreous tiles and a smattering of smalti highlights in unexpected reds, yellows and limes
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