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This random mix smalti is a great way to get to know this fantastic material if you are on a budget.  Although it is a random collection and the pieces will vary in size and shape more than the normal colours as some are off-cuts, you will always get a great range of colours and it will really help in learning to work with this unique product.   

We recommend using  Leponitt wheeled glass mosaic cutters as they cut accurately and help minimise waste.  

The mix is made in Italy by the family firm Dona, in Spilimbergo.    The mix they supply will vary regularly as it depends on which colours are available when we place or our orders.

We sell the mix in 100gm bags for £2.00, 500gm bags for £8.00 and 1kg bags for £16.00.

We also sell Dona's lovely transparent coloured smalti in a random mix.  It can look fabulous when fixed to a transparent surface like glass or perspex & back-lit or when fixed to mirror so that light is reflected back through the tesserae.  You will need a clear adhesive for this like our Silicone glue.

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