The project was set up by mosaicist  Tessa Hunkin, one of the founders of Mosaic Workshop,  who guides the work of a team of dedicated volunteers.

Some of the volunteers are referred by Lifeline, an organisation that helps people in recovery from issues with drugs and alcohol, some are recovering from mental health problems and some are members of the local community.  Everyone works together on a shared task that creates a focus for an informal and friendly social group. Beginners and regulars, skilled and unskilled - all can make a valuable and individual contribution.  There is also the opportunity for volunteers to develop their ideas and work on personal projects.  

We have been working together to create beautiful mosaics for the Parks and Public Spaces of Hackney and have now been commissioned by ZSL to make a mosaic for the new lion enclosure at London Zoo.  The design illustrates the relationship between the langurs, chital (deer), and Asiatic lions who all live in the forests of Gujarat.

All our previous projects (all in Hackney, London) are open to the public.  Click on the project names to see more information and some lovely pictures -  Shepherdess Walk Park off Shepherdess Walk, Sainsbury's in Old Street,  Hackney Downs and the West Hackney Recreation Ground



Southbank Mosaics is a not for profit social enterprise bringing together world class mosaic artists such as Tessa Hunkin,  Jo Thorpe and Susie Balazs with members of the general public.

Southbank Mosaics runs an “Open Studio”, where artists, volunteers, school students and active citizens are trained in mosaic design and then help us to make public realm art works.  We have over 250 installations in central London: Westminster, Camden, Lambeth and Southwark, with most of our work being in the Southbank area. You can download a Southbank Mosaics walk from our website.

The emphasis of our social mission is on working with young people in trouble with the law. We provide them with a range of activities based around designing and making mosaics and including visiting galleries, exhibitions, films and shows in the centre of London and playing sports in our local park. We think prison is an expensive and too often ineffective option for dealing with young people: up to 70% re-offend, some studies show 95% have mental health issues, and 25% self-harm. We provide an alternative within our community which shows young people making a positive contribution by improving their neighbourhood’s environment and producing work for exhibition, including permanent public realm installations. Along the way they also learn useful practical and social skills.

As an open studio we work with those who are interested in making high quality mosaics and helping our young people. We take referrals from GP’s surgeries and encourage local residents and families to volunteer.