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Leponitt Wheeled Glass Mosaic Cutters


Product Code: 3de2fc

Generally considered to be the best glass mosaic tile cutter on the market, Leponitts are excellent for precise cutting of smalti and vitreous glass and produce less waste than standard nippers.  A fantastic tool for all mosaicists.  

Tip for Leponitt users - After a while you may find the cutting edges blunt a bit and your cuts are not as precise as they were.   At this point you need to loosen the wheels with the Allen key provided and rotate them both about 1-2mm to find new sharp edges.  We suggest you mark the wheels before you start using the tool so that when you rotate the wheels (a bit like the ticking hands of a clock) the marks help you keep track of which parts of the cutting wheels have been used and enable you to make the most of the precious sharp edges !   Here's a picture of a pair of marked Leponitt wheels to show what we mean

Replacement Leponitt wheels are also available.

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