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This is a fabulous selection of sparkly goodies to enhance your mosaic designs including gold, silver & mirror mosaic tiles and millefiori.  We sell real gold and silver leaf tiles which are hand-made in Italy.  The sheets of gold & silver leaf are set on a vibrant coloured glass base tile - green for gold and turquoise for the silver - and then covered with a thin protective layer of clear glass.  These Italian tiles are beautiful both right way up and upside down because the leaf foil reflects light back out through the coloured base tile.  We have a more economical range from China which are still made using genuine gold and silver leaf.  We also sell gold & silver coloured foil mosaic tiles which are much cheaper but still very effective.  These tesserae will help to bring more light and movement to your mosaics and can be used quite sparingly (keeping your costs down !) to great effect.  

Millefiori are fantastically colourful irregular circular pieces of glass mosaic like miniature slices of seaside rock which come in a multitude of bright colours.  We sell them in a random mix of colours in pieces which are roughly 8-10mm in diameter and 5-6,mm thick.  

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