We offer general-purpose glues and cementitious tile adhesives. The general-purpose glues are for use when making mosaic on mesh (try Titebond II) or by the indirect method (when you'll need our washable PVA to stick your tiles face-down onto brown paper).  The cementitious adhesives are what you need when you come to stick your tiles onto your substrate or board in their final positions.  The cementitious adhesives come in two types, standard flexible and 'fast flex'.  The former, available in grey and white, does an excellent job on most surfaces and will bond almost all tile types, but you may want to use the more expensive 'fast flex' adhesives if you think there is likely to be any movement (either vibration or expansion/contraction) in your substrate.  Fast flex has extra added polymers and therefore greater flexibility, and is also available in grey or white.

We've been offering cementitious adhesives from BAL for a number of years now, but have been looking for greener options and will gradually be phasing out some of the BAL adhesives and replacing them with alternatives from Regener8.  These cementitious adhesives have all the benefits that you are used to from our BAL products, but are made with a (rather amazing) 43% of recycled content. 

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