Our main selection of glass mosaic is in the form of Vitreous glass tiles which come in a wide selection of colours from the most vivid bright reds and oranges to some really subtle shades of grey and pale blue amongst many others.  We source our extensive range of over 150 colours from suppliers in China, Italy & Mexico and we aim to keep as many colours as possible to allow you the greatest choice.  Our glass mosaic tile range is divided in two groups.  Firstly the  Core Range which is exclusively supplied by Bisazza, Italy's leading mosaic company and secondly the  Art Range which is made up of colours from our Mexican & Chinese suppliers. 

You will find that colours vary from time to time so matching a colour you bought some months back can sometimes be difficult.  This is because the manufacturers cannot always produce identical colours from one production run to the next,  Unfortunately we have no control over these production variations but we are happy to receive your samples and advise on the best match from our current stocks.

We also stock a small range of coloured glass droplets which are great for all kinds of projects and are often chosen for mosaic work with children as they look good uncut. 

Glass mosaic tiles and glass droplets are generally quite easy to cut usingtile nippers, in particular theLeponitt wheeled cutters.  The tiles are suitable for interior & exterior use but are not generally recommended for floors in wet areas as they can be slippery when damp. The tiles come mounted on paper-faced sheets or on a mesh backing & measure about 32cm x 32cm except in the case of our Mexican range which are 34cm x 30cm. The individual tiles measure 20mm x 20mm x 4mm and there are 225 tiles per sheet except in the case of the Mexican tiles which have 224 tiles per sheet.  Soak the sheets in warm water for 5-10 minutes paper-side up to remove the tiles and then rub dry with an old towel or cloth.  Tiles on mesh backing have to be peeled off by hand.

We also supply all the colours in smaller 25 tile sheets if you only need smaller quantities or in bags of random mixed colours which can be a good starting point for beginners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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