We sell two sizes of unglazed ceramic mosaic - 24mm x 24mm and 20mm x 20mm.  

The smaller tiles are made in France by Winckelmans and come in 36 different colours. The individual tiles measure 20mm x 20mm x 4mm.  They come mounted on paper sheets which are 305mm x 305mm and there are 196 tiles per sheet. They may come on mesh occasionally if paper-faced ones are unavailable.  Tiles on mesh backing have to be peeled off by hand.  There are 11 sheets per square meter.  They are available in half sheets (98 tiles) and quarter sheets (49 tiles). 

The larger tiles are made in Portugal by a company called Cinca and each mosaic tile measures 24mm x 24mm x 4mm. These tiles also come on paper-faced sheets but the sheet size is larger at 350mm x 350mm containing 196 tiles. There are 8 sheets to 1 square metre. Half sheets (175mm x 175mm - 98 tiles) and quarter sheets (87.5mm x 87.5mm - 49 tiles) are also available. These Portuguese tiles come in 24 different colours. The two ranges can be used together as they are the same thickness and doing so does offer you a wider selection of colours.  Soak the sheets in warm water for 5-10 minutes paper-side up to remove the tiles and then rub dry with an old towel or cloth.  

These mosaic tiles are extremely durable and they are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, and for floors as well as walls. They are easy to cut with tile nippers, have a matt surface, and come in an attractive range of muted colours which are particularly appealing when used in gardens and other exterior locations.   They can also be used in conjunction with our glass mosaic tiles to add more vivid colours and contrasting tone and texture to your mosaic work.

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